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Crowdsourcing Innovations in Urban Cycling

Since the Velo-city 2013 conference, Vienna has gone through a productive summer in terms of urban cycling. The Velo-city 2013 team collected the experiences and outcomes of Velo-city to wrap up the conference. We are now putting this condensed urban cycling knowledge into usable form for the global cycling community, also with the aim of developing urban cycling in Vienna. At this point, we have some interesting news for you. The team of Velo-city 2013 Vienna is hosting a crowdsourcing initiative and therefore asks all conference participants to share their experiences during Velo-city 2013 to single out those discourses and outcomes of the conference that can be helpful to further evolve urban cycling in Vienna.

The conclusions of this crowdsourcing effort will provide valuable insights for the City of Vienna and other cities, researchers and institutions. The conclusions from the crowdsourcing survey will be published in the Velo-city 2013 conference magazine in both print and digital format. We invite you to participate in this crowdsourcing effort to support ideas, strategies and innovations for the benefit of urban cycling in Vienna and other cities. You can still participate in the online survey until 23 September.
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Learning from Velo-city 2013 in Vienna

We asked Vienna’s Vice-Mayor Maria Vassilakou, the host of Velo-city 2013 in Vienna, about her experiences and lessons from Velo-city 2013. For her, Velo-city 2013 was “an intense but very interesting time” during which she had the unique opportunity of “sharing experiences with colleagues from other cities.”

Find Vassilakou’s take on Velo-city 2013 and other conference participants’ experiences in the Video “Learning from Velo-city 2013”.
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Conference Magazine

We are in the final preparation stage for the “Velo-city Conference Magazine”, which will feature in-depth articles from selected contributors to Velo-city 2013. Some of the authors who have written for the magazine are Ullrich Schoallert from Brussels, Marie Kåstrup from Copenhagen or Manfred Neun from the European Cyclists’ Federation, among many others. The Velo-city Conference Magazine will be published in both print and digital format and will be available for downloading from the Velo-city 2013 website from autumn 2013 onwards.
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Presentations online

We are happy to inform you that many of the contributors to Velo-city 2013 have agreed to share their presentations online. Sincere thanks to all presenters for doing so! This is a great step forward in terms of open knowledge and a valuable resource for those who did not manage to attend Velo-city 2013 in person. Among the presentations shared are such Velo-city 2013 highlights as Philippe Crist’s keynote lecture or the plenary speeches by Maria Vassilakou, Mikael Colville-Andersen or Shipra Narang-Suri.

Find the presentations online here: www.velo-city2013.com/?page_id=6241
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